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Experience a wildlife conserving


sign up below for the tree-climbing adventure of a lifetime

You and a group of friends will be collected by ATS from Harare airport and driven to the Savé Valley. For the next seven days, you'll be camping and hiking through the park, tracking rhino on foot, learning how the rangers work, and watching the anti-poaching dog team in action. Your tree climbing will be put to the test, ascending the baobabs (Adansonia digitata) that tower above the scrub to gain a lookout over the area and watch the rhino, elephant, giraffe and other species as they browse in the understory. Share your climbing skills and techniques with the rangers as they teach you about the animals and plants you're encountering.


At night, the less intrepid can return to base camp for a good night's rest, whilst the more adventurous will camp in hammocks in one of the baobabs overlooking an active waterhole.


These trips are not your usual African safari, and are not for the fainthearted. The rangers who will be guiding you are highly-trained and well armed, but are not tour guides. You will be up close on foot near genuinely wild animals, not relaxing in a safari car with a cocktail. You need to bring your own minimalist climbing kit, and a hammock if you want to camp in the trees. Every cent of profit from the cost of these trips goes to supporting the rangers, so your adventure will make more than amazing memories.

$8,500 (AUD)


before the trip:

Get your group together

Group sizes of 6-8 people are ideal.

Feel free to register as an individual or pair, and we will do our best to place you in an existing group.

Register your interest

Click on the 'register your interest' button above. We'll email you an information pack, answer any questions you may have, and check your preferred dates with the ATS team.

* Please note, limited trips available per year

Confirmation and payment

Once your dates have been confirmed, we will connect you with ATS so that you can begin organising your trip!

Book your flights

It's up to you and your group to organise travel to Zimbabwe along with your entry visas. You may wish to visit other attractions or travel directly to Harare Airport.

* Please note that the aforementioned expenses are not included in the cost of your trip.

Touching base

We'll be in touch again a week before you fly, just to check if there have been any changes and wish you good luck!

during the trip:

Depending on when you arrive in Harare, you may be collected directly from the airport, or you may prefer to spend a night in a hotel first (not included in cost)
You'll be collected from Harare International Airport and driven down to the Savé Valley, where you'll meet the rangers and get a chance to unpack and settle in at base camp. The drive from Harare Airport to the Savé Valley will take approximately 5-6 hours.

What to expect
Each day of the trip, your group will be out exploring the park, hiking up to 15km per day, tracking wild rhino and other amazing wildlife at Savé. 
As evening approaches, you'll meet up with a support vehicle for a cooked dinner. The vehicle will have your tree climbing and camping kit ready for the night's climb. For those with more common sense, the vehicles can ferry you back to the more luxurious base camp for a good nights sleep. Each night, you get to decide if you want to camp in the trees or head back to base camp.
In the morning, the vehicle will collect any base campers and head across to the tree camp with breakfast before another day's adventures. On one of these days, you'll get the chance to observe the rangers anti-poaching K9 unit in action.

Drop off
After seven days, you and your group will be driven back to Harare International Airport, for your flight home or on to your next adventure.


Some important information:

  • This is not a luxury safari (although the base camp is pretty cosy!). If you're after air-conditioning, comfortable viewing platforms and fancy cocktails please visit the Savé Valley Conservancy website for alternative lodging and safari options.  

  • You'll need to be physically fit, capable of long hikes and potentially gruelling tracking in a wild environment. You need to be able to keep up with the rangers, and be tolerant of some discomfort.

  • The rangers have tree climbing experience, and there'll be experienced climbers with you, so novice climbers are welcome. If you don't want to camp in the trees at all, you can certainly come along for all of the ground adventures, and enjoy the base camp in the evenings without all those noisy arborists.

  • If you do want to climb, make sure you bring your climbing kit and hammock. A full checklist of recommended equipment will be provided once your dates have been confirmed.

  • Savé Valley encompasses 750,000 acres, the largest private conservation park in Zimbabwe. As such, the animals you see will be truly wild. As with any safari, there is no guarantee of seeing your favourite animals.

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